Increasing productivity is such a constant topic that numerous articles and books have been written about it.

One of the most repeated reasons for not fulfilling priorities is “there isn’t enough time.”

Time Blocking is a tool highly productive entrepreneurs use to increase their productivity and check items off the business ‘to do’ list. Most people understand that Time Blocking works by blocking segments of time on your calendar to focus on the high priority tasks.

Blocked time is not for the purpose of working a task from start to finish in one segment of time. The goal is to work more efficiently and effectively while increasing productivity.

Below are a few important points to consider when managing your calendar:

  1. Schedule your time off first. The first thing you should do is schedule your family, vacation, and other leisure time. Schedule out the entire year if possible but at least by the quarter.
  2. Schedule your routine tasks. You know you need to do them and there is no better way to perpare than to get them on the calendar right away. These are generally your business administrative tasks.
  3. Determine the time of day you’re productivity is natually higher. For some this will be the early hours of the morning. Others may find the late night hours better. Whichever is the most productive time of the day is when you should schedule your higher priority work.
  4. Be certain your work is actually taking you somewhere. If you find you’re spending too much time on mundane tasks, it may be better to hire someone to complete them for you.
  5. Eliminate distractions. Turn off the television, phone, and social media and give your project 100% of your attention. This not only means your project gets all of you, it means you’ll complete it faster, therefore providing you more time.
  6. Plan the way you will use each segment you have blocked off. If you block 11 am until 1 pm to crank out two rough drafts for your blog, has a plan of what you intend to write about. This way you won’t spend two hours staring at your computer screen.
  7. Block the time to Time Block. Make sure you are blocking off the time on your schedule to segment your calendar into time blocks. This should be one of your high priority tasks.


Used consistently, Time Blocking can help you find more time in your day and increase your over all productivity while at the same time, rewarding you for planning ahead for your off time.

Sandra Fry is a Business Strategist at Fry & Company