Have you ever felt like you wanted the earth to stop spinning so you could hop off?

Sort of like a carousal ride at an amusement park. The sounds, music, people, and scents can all be overwhelming sometimes.

It is so easy for things to build up around us. Trying to stay connected, informed, and involved can be taxing to ourselves. Our physical and mental health. Sometimes we just want the chaos to stop.

We want peace because it is happy place to be. Life isn’t meant to be crazy all the time. Our bodies are built for flight or fight but we can’t be in either mode for long or it takes a toll on our health.


Below are eight tips to help you bring more peace to your life.

  1. Look inside. All healing comes from within ourselves and this is the best place to begin. Find out why the chaos is happening and determine what really makes you happy. Journaling can help by writing out how we are feeling and what the potential causes may be.
  2. Make a date with yourself. Take a day off from your obligations and usual routine. Completely block your calendar for a day (or more if necessary) and use that time for yourself. Rest your body and your soul. Take a walk and appreciate the simplicity of nature. Read a book that has been on your reading list, waiting for you.
  3. Remember to take care of YOU! When we don’t take care of ourselves, our bodies will let us know by taking on sickness or exhaustion. That is the body’s way of saying it wants your attention. Make yourself a priority by putting exercise, meditation and healthy eating on your calendar.
  4. Limit your exposure to unhealthy relationships. Stay away from the drama or the relationships that damage your soul. Unhealthy relationships create chaos within us. Understand, you have the power to stop it by taking control of the situation. Read on to number eight for a tip that will help with this one.
  5. Ask for help when you need it. Be assertive and ask for help. Most friends and family don’t know we need it until we ask. Besides, everything is easier when someone helps you. Also, give yourself a break and use the resources you find available in your community. Hire a teenager to cut the grass or wash your car. Use a grocery delivery service. These small conveniences can have a big impact.
  6. Read, “As a Man Thinketh” written by James Allen. I recently finished a study of this small but amazing book. One of the things James Allen makes clear is we get to chose whether we live a calm and serene life. I will be offering the study of this book soon as one of my services. I hope you join!
  7. Say it aloud! Tell yourself and those around you that you demand a more peaceful life. They will watch you evolve and soon want to get on board with you.
  8. Learn to say, “No.” It’s not necessary to accept every invitation that comes our way. Start small and decline a few and see what happens. You can also say no to television, non-nutritious foods, committee invitations, the list goes on. Saying no to the wrong things allows us to say yes to the things that relate to our values.

Let your healing begin today. You don’t need the permission of others to create a calmer and less stressful life. You’re the only one who can make that choice for yourself.

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Sandra Fry is a Business Strategist + Coach and a Co-Founder of Fry & Company